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Signed Copies Available

Signed Copies Available Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on what part of world you’re reading this in. The official release date of Aug. 1 almost here! But people have asked how they can obtain a signed copy—so I’m sending

Acadia National Park Gull

The PNP Q&A Newsletter

This is a quick intro to what the PNP Weekly Q&A Newsletter will be all about. Essentially, you ask questions, and I answer them. Because of the nature of the Photographing National Parks book and website, I assume most of the questions will be about photographing national parks.

Photographing National Parks cover

Book Release Announcement

Sidelight Books today announced the August 1, 2015, release of Photographing National Parks: A Guide for Scouting and Shooting America’s Most Cherished Lands (ISBN 978-0-983503-82-8), the second book by author and photographer Chris Nicholson.