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PNP Newsletter #3: Geotracker Choice

I saw you at a lecture in New York City, and you mentioned that the only geotracking device you really like is the AMOD AGL3080 (I wrote it down!). I was just curious why you prefer that to others. — Scott H., New Jersey

Backroad to Snake River, Grand Teton National Park

PNP Newsletter #2: 2WD or 4WD

Perhaps you can offer some advice as to what sort of vehicle would be best suited to photography and getting around on some more off-the-beaten-path areas? — Michael Hitchner, Washington

Seastars, Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

Top 5 National Parks for Photographing Tide Pools

One of the best aspects of photographing ocean coastline is how dynamic the landscapes and seascapes are—the ebbing and flowing tide creates a different aesthetic by the hour. The receding water may also reveal a whole new world underfoot.