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What's New at Photographing National Parks

Photo by Terry Debruyne/US Fish & Wildlife Service

PNP Newsletter #11: Where are the Polar Bears?

I read your book, and while it covers a lot of the animals I can take pictures of, I don’t see anything about polar bears. What national park or parks can I find them in? — Denise, Las Vegas

Salt Creek and the Panamint Range, Death Valley National Park

PNP Newsletter #10: Flying With Tripods

How do you fly with a tripod? Do you use a special case? These days most airlines charge for bags, or for a second bag, so I don’t want to pay extra just to have a tripod on a trip. — Scott, New York City

Grizzlies, Lake Clark National Park. NPS Photo/K. Jalone.

PNP Newsletter #9: Bear Safety

I saw you do a lecture at B&H Photo last year and you talked about getting food at the beginning of a national park trip and keeping it in the car. How do you do that without worrying about bears breaking in to get the food? — Hanlon S., Greenwich, CT