Below are some videos of presentations, podcasts, educational series, etc., that Chris Nicholson has been featured in or been a part of, talking about photographing the national parks. All are free to view and share!


Out of Chicago Photography Conferences

“Night Sky Photography with Chris Nicholson”
November 21, 2017

B&H Event Space

“Night Photography in National Parks”
January 11, 2017, with Lance Keimig


Night Photography: Master the Night
from PhotoPlus Expo 2016


Night Photography Week
September 2016

National Parks at Night

“10 Photo Tips for Scouting National Parks”
August 2016

The Photo Brigade

Photographing National Parks,” hosted by Robert Caplin
July 7, 2016

OPTIC Imaging Conference

“Night Visions of National Parks at Night”
May 2016, with National Parks at Night, sponsored by B&H Photo

B&H Event Space

“Night Photography with National Parks at Night”
March 2016, with National Parks at Night, sponsored by Nikon

B&H Event Space

“Photographing Acadia National Park”
February 2016, sponsored by Formatt-Hitech

B&H Event Space

“Photographing America’s National Parks”
August 2015, sponsored by Lexar

OPTIC Imaging Conference

“How to Prepare and Photograph in National Parks”
May 2015, sponsored by Manfrotto

B&H Event Space

“Photographing National Parks”
March 2014, sponsored by YES Watch


B&H Explora

Photography and the National Parks Centennial,” hosted by Allan Weitz
August 25, 2016

B&H Photography Podcast

Travel or Photography?” hosted by Allan Weitz
w/ Ralph Lee Hopkins, Vincent Versace, Brenda Tharp, Jay Dickman, Katrin Eismann, Chris Nicholson
June 30, 2016

Out of Chicago Photography

The Great Outdoors,” hosted by Chris Smith
February 9, 2016


Photographing National Parks with Chris Nicholson,” hosted by Lynford Morton
June 8, 2015