PHOTOGRAPHING NATIONAL PARKS ARTICLES offers a range of articles that cover national park photography. Please feel free to browse the pages below for original content that is added weekly.

Picture-Perfect Places

National parks are full of thousands upon thousands of locations that offer unparalleled opportunities for photographers. Many of them are well-known, and many of them are secrets to all but a few. Here we celebrate both. Photographers from all over the U.S., and all over the world, who are fans of working in the national parks can share a favorite spot of theirs, and we can all benefit from one another’s knowledge and experience.

Stuff That Works [coming soon]

Photographing a national park requires various types of equipment, some designed specifically for photographers, some for general outdoor use, and some ancillary items that simply make a shoot more productive and enjoyable. Here, we cover all of that.

Top 5 Parks

The U.S. national parks offer something for just about anything a nature photographer might be interested in. Not every park is great for every subject, but every park certainly has the best of something to offer. In this ongoing series, we review the parks that are the tops for any outdoor-photography niche we can think of.