Chris Nicholson, photographerChris Nicholson is a photographer and writer based in southern Connecticut, New York City, and Charlotte, North Carolina, and is author of the book “Photographing National Parks.” He is also a partner and workshop leader with National Parks at Night LLC, which brings participants to magical and majestic destinations for extraordinary night photography adventures.

A magazine editor for ten years, Chris has worked independently since 2004, with his photography and writing appearing in over 30 publications, including Wired, Men’s Health, Golf Digest, Tennis magazine and the New York Times. He is also a book editor for National Parks Traveler, writes for websites such as Naturescapes and B&H Exlpora, and lectures at various photography conferences and events around the U.S. His work has been covered by Nikon, Luminous-Landscape, National Parks Traveler, Mother Nature Network and New York 1.

Chris works in a primarily conservative photography style, believing that ideal composition is simple, strong and powerful. He has covered locations in Australia and throughout the continental United States (especially in New England, which he considers to be one of the most aesthetically unique regions of America).

Throughout his career he has also studied and worked in the American national parks. Whether for publishing assignments or personal work, Chris travels to parks several times per year for photography and related projects. Over the past two decades he has paid particular attention to Acadia, Everglades, Grand Teton, Great Smoky Mountains, Olympic, Shenandoah and Yellowstone, visiting and photographing those seven a combined 28 times.

Chris regularly lectures at the B&H Event Space in New York City, is a Maine Media Workshops + College instructor, and has been a featured presenter at the OPTIC Imaging Conference sponsored by B&H Photo Video and Lindblad Expeditions, at the PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo, for the Sierra Club, and for various regional camera clubs.

Along with his photographic and personal interest in the national parks, Chris is also a supporter of the parks, as a member of the Sierra Club and the National Parks Conservation Association.

Chris is married and has a baby daughter, Maggie, who is tremendously talented at distracting him.