The U.S. national parks offer something for just about anything a nature photographer might be interested in. Not every park is great for every subject, but every park certainly has the best of something to offer. In this ongoing series, we review the parks that are the tops for any outdoor-photography niche we can think of.

Top 5 National Parks for Photographing Tide Pools

November 24, 2015

One of the best aspects of photographing ocean coastline is how dynamic the landscapes and seascapes are—the ebbing and flowing tide creates a different aesthetic by the hour. The receding water may also reveal a whole new world underfoot.

Top 5 National Parks for Photographing Mountains

November 15, 2015

Mountains have long served as a subject for landscape photographers. They look great in all their forms: jagged or weatherworn, rocky or forested, dry or snowy. And the U.S. national park system comprises some of the best mountain scenery in the country.