What This is All About

This is a quick intro to what the PNP Weekly Q&A Newsletter will be all about. Essentially, you ask questions, and I answer them. Because of the nature of the Photographing National Parks book and website, I assume most of the questions will be about photographing national parks. But I’m willing to answer anything I’m knowledgeable about; if you ask me something I don’t have expertise in, I’ll find someone who does, and perhaps he or she can will be kind enough to answer for me.

I’ll be getting this newsletter going with a few questions that people have emailed to me since news of my book went public last year. But after that, it all depends on the readers to help me keep this going. Please feel free to send me any questions you think I might have the answer to. I’m happy to discuss the national parks, photography gear, post-production techniques, image management on the road, etc.

The Question

Acadia National Park GullQ: What format will the newsletter take?Joe Smith, Springfield

A: Well, I’ll start with some kind of introduction, like I just did above. What the intro will be will depend largely upon what’s going on with my book, this website or the photography world in general. For instance, I might mention if someone notable reviewed the book, or if I’m releasing a new national park eGuide, or if a new version of Adobe Lightroom is hitting the market. Also, with the centennial celebration of the National Park Service slated to last all of 2016, I’m sure I’ll be mentioning that a bit, as well.

Then I’ll list a question that someone sent me, and I’ll take a crack at answering it in a thoughtful and reliable way. I’ll also include a photograph to illustrate some point or theme to the question and/or answer; for example, with this post I included a photo of a gull in Acadia National Park, because … I don’t know, because we’re getting ready to fly with this newsletter thing.

Then I’ll include a gentle reminder about all the ways you can keep tabs on me and my book…

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